Top 7 Questions You Should Definitely Ask Your Plumber


When it comes to your responsibilities as a homeowner, the list is huge. Starting from cleaning and maintaining all the furniture to appointing a gardener to take care of your lawn – there is a list of things to do. And one such vital responsibility is calling the plumber when an emergency arises, and as well as for regular checkups.

Now while searching for a Plumber Toronto, please make sure that he is working with a good company that has reliable online ratings and reviews. You must definitely go through its list of achievements as well. However, as a customer, you must also be aware of the top questions that you should ask your plumber so that you only choose a dedicated professional. To know about those questions, kindly keep reading this blog.

* Are You Licensed?

Never forget to ask if the plumber you are hiring is licensed or not. And yes, do not just rely on the words of mouth. Instead, ask him to provide you with a proper document that proves that he’s licensed. Assuming that your plumber is licensed, given his experience, is a strict “No No”!

* Do You Work with a Bonded and Insured Company?

You also need to ask if he is working with a bonded and insured company or not. If not, then kindly move on to the next best possible solution.

* Will You Provide Free Estimates?

Thirdly, you need to also ask if he will provide free estimates to you or not. Generally, this kind of information is mentioned on the website itself. But if you face trouble finding this, then kindly give a ring to the company directly or ask the plumber only. It is always suggested that you get rid of all your queries instead of hiring a random plumber.

* Is this the total cost?

The next question which you should ask is if the quote they are providing you with or will be providing you is the total cost or not. This enquiry is essential so that you do not get shocked by the total bill that will be given at the end of the job! Your plumber might come over to check the work before quoting the amount. And once he has done that, ask if that include labour charges, materials, etc or not. If not, then how much more can you expect to see in the final bill. And yes, ensure that the quote is given to you in written and not verbally.

* When do You Want the Payment?

If your potential plumber wants the full payment before he even starts with the work, then refrain from hiring them. And that is why you need to ask this question so that you can understand his expectations regarding the payment. Work with a plumber who is reasonable enough and asks you to pay a percentage of the total bills before the project.

* Who will Clean up the Mess?

Well, asking this is again necessary so that you are not left after the work was done, standing there amidst a mess of old parts, water, boxes, etc. If it is a good plumber working for a reputed and well-known company, then be rest assured that he will clean up the huge dirty mess before leaving. Even if they quote an extra amount for this, trust me it is totally worth it!

* What if Something Falls Apart or Breaks?

Lastly, ask the plumber about the kind of warranty or guarantee that will come along with his work; and what will happen if some part falls apart or breaks after his work. And yes, ensure that the warranty or guarantee he’s providing you with comes in writing.

So, these are a few questions you need to ask your plumber in Toronto. It might seem like a daunting task, but trust me, it is totally worth it.

To know more about various kinds of plumbing tasks and issues, kindly wait for my next blog. You can also learn about the various traits of a plumber to look out for, from my write-ups.

Author Bio: Joan works with a plumbing company and is a regular blogger on various kinds of plumbing issues. To know about the various traits of a good plumber in Toronto, read his articles.


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