The Top 5 Reasons to Have Concrete Flooring in Your Home

The Top 5 Reasons to Have Concrete Flooring in Your Home

Concrete has come a long way since being used for paving industrial areas and designing car parks. Now, concrete has broadened its horizons, notably making a name for itself in the interior design industry. Concrete flooring is simple, elegant and brightens up a room.

So, whether you’ve just moved into your new house, or you’re looking to make a change to your old floor, we’re here to offer you 5 reasons why you may want to consider concreting your floor! Take a look below at the benefits of having it in your home!

  1. It’s Stylish!

Concrete is commonly used in art galleries, mainly because it’s great for illuminating rooms and offers and elegant, simple twist which compliments the surrounding art. Now, this concept is being applied to interior designs in homes.

Considering that concrete has always had a reputation of being hard-wearing and, for lack of a better word, ‘ugly’, it’s refreshing to see it shaking off this stigma. This is mainly thanks to innovative thinkers and architects who have focused on optimising light shades of grey with matt finishes to produce a classic, elegant finish that fits into any room.

  1. It Works in More Than One Room

Having a floor that can run throughout your house gives it a complete and timeless look. Additionally, there’s no reason it can’t extend it into the bathroom and/or kitchen – in fact, we advise it!

Due to polished concrete primarily adopting light grey and matte finishes, more people are opting for the design. Concrete also acts as a fantastic flooring option for bathrooms and wet rooms due to its durability and versatile design. Water will have a tough time impacting its durable exterior and it doesn’t stain or warp like other floorings such as wood, lino or vinyl flooring. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain and clean, which means you’re less likely to suffer from fissures and cracks that allow pests to crawl into and causes structural issues. Pest control company AMES Group commend concrete flooring in the home for this very reason!

  1. It’s Not as Expensive as You Might Think

So, the price. Many people assume concreting you floor is expensive right from the get-go, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Polished concrete can cost anywhere between £50-£400 per square metre. However, the price will fluctuate depending on a number of factors, namely if it requires a machine to lay it or if manual labour is required. This all depends on the company you opt for, so it’s essential to find a concrete flooring company that you can trust and rely on.

  1. You Can Add Colour!

Continuing on from the previous point, if you’d like to add a spot of colour to your concrete, this can easily be done (if you’re willing to pay a bit extra). Many people opt for a beige or stone-colour finish if they’re laying concrete outdoors. It’s an inviting, warm colour that looks stunning in amongst the plants and other garden furniture. This same colour can also be used for conservatories.

  1. It’s Very Durable

As you may have already guessed, concrete is extremely durable. It’s designed to withstand pressure from cars, trucks, machines and other heavy-duty machinery. So, if you’re worried about damaging your flooring, you can rest assured that dropping a plate or spilling coffee won’t do your floor too much harm. It’s also great if you have pets, as their claw marks won’t have an effect on it, nor with they be able to gnaw or damage it – making it virtually pet-proof!

Of course, while there are many benefits to concrete, it’s worth remembering that the installation process can be tricky, especially if it’s not performed by a professional. Concrete flooring is a messy process and if you’re tackling it yourself, you need to know exactly what you’re doing, as any small inconsistencies will mean you’ll need to resurface, which can take time and will cost you more money. It’s also advised that you opt for underfloor heating if your house is particularly cold or struggles with insulation.

If installed and levelled correctly, concrete is a design that will remain timeless and becomes a perfect candidate for underfloor heating as it holds the heat very well. Make sure you do your research if you’re considering concrete for your property, speak to professionals and get quotes before you agree to anything.


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