Pink room not at all obvious

Pink room not at all obvious

According to the architect Carol Miluzzi, betting on the contrast is a solution to escape the sameness and leave the atmosphere elegant and modern!

The rose is still a very desirable color, though some families want more durable rooms that can accompany the child at various stages of his life and, therefore, avoid the color, which they consider too childish. The solution to the impasse, according to the architect Carol Milluzzi (SP), is to bet on the opposites.

“In general, people should try to contrast. Rosa looks good with gray, just like it looks nice with green. In addition, using elements that highlight the rose, instead of disappearing with it, also gives an air of modernity, “she says.

The architect also advises using a drier shade of rose, which is more elegant and makes a good partnership with black and white.

Wild rose

In the project below, from the Carol Miluzzi office, in partnership with Mooui, to the bedroom of a 6-year-old girl at her grandmother’s house, Carol used drawings that refer to childhood and used the accessories to achieve a more modern footprint.

“She wanted everything to be pink. But the idea was to avoid the excess so she could use it for longer. So we use the rose on the wall, in a strip, and we use supermodern bedding (…). In the closet, we left niches below to organize the toys and put other niches under the TV, “said the architect.


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