Ever thought of a black room for a baby? The comedian Rogério Vilela, yes. Check out

Ever thought of a black room for a baby

For the environment to become less “funereal”, the touch of color came from the accessories

A black wall with a golden curtain was the starting point for the architect Luciana Raunaimer, from Ameise Design, to develop the bedroom of the little Noah, the humorist’s son and youtuber Rogério Vilela with model Marieli Sbardelotto. According to Luciana, the comedian made a point of participating in the whole project.

“His house is all like this; out of the way. He did not want anything traditional and asked for a black wall with a golden curtain. We build the room from there and play with the graphics, “explains the architect.

Luciana also says that her parents made a point of a black crib , because of this; she used the maximum white in the rest of the environment to balance. The touch of color came from the accessories, which had pop art reference and, along with the geometrically shaped print rug, brought futuristic air to the room.

“Because the room is where you’re going to build the child’s memories, it’s cool to have elements that tell the family story. In Noah’s bedroom , many toys were from his father and there are also some souvenirs from travel, “the architect added.

How to build a bedroom in style?

Having a quiet and stylish room for children is the wish of many fathers and mothers. However, most do not know where to begin to set up the corner. With that in mind, the architect Luciana Raunaimer left some valuable tips for anyone who will face the challenge without professional help.

  • First, understand that the room is not a setting and start thinking about the functions. Where is the baby going to sleep? Where will you change? Where are we going to put our clothes?
  • Defined functions go to the open-minded market. You do not have to be stuck with a theme, see what’s available and what pleases you.
  • Remember: less is more! That is, avoid excesses, color, objects, etc.
  • Invest in products that can be used for longer. The room needs to be a changeable place as the needs of the children change with age.
  • Do not leave to the last minute! To avoid trouble, the ideal is to try to assemble the room until the seventh month of gestation.


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