Christmas : 7 Pinterest ideas to decorate the house without spending (almost) nothing

7 Pinterest ideas to decorate the house without spending (almost) nothing

It’s time to leave the house full of Christmas decorations and many lights. Check out some economic suggestions to inspire

Do you love to leave the house full of garlands, lights, balls, Santa’s plushies and reindeer at Christmas, the dinners  and the supper table ? So, you know, that all of this can cost extra at this time of year. Here’s how to economize with this list of cheap and creative tips we’ve separated.

Leave the traditional pots aside. Craft paper bags, like those that pack bakery bread, serve to finish small pine seedlings. How about spreading around the room? Or it is also worth giving as a souvenir to the guests.

To create a “crystal ball” of garnish, separate a vase or glass jar and add sugar until 1/3 of the container is complete (to simulate the snow). Then spice small pine leaves and a miniature house. It will look beautiful in the center of the table or on a sideboard.

Small pinecones (pine flower) gain a new function: support the names of the guests and indicate their places on the table. In addition to making the décor look more stylish, your friends and family will feel even more welcomed when they see their own names printed on them.

Cheeses and fruits can turn into a large edible Christmas tree. For each strip with a height of 15 cm, choose a different ingredient. The more colorful the selected fruits, the more cheerful the decoration will get. Choose a large, wide table. 

One more tip to organize the guests at the table. Tie the two ends of the twig of rosemary with a piece of string and finish with a small simple bow. With a thick tape, write the name of the person. Position it on a cloth napkin to finish decorating the table for Christmas .

To decorate with lights in a new way, use Ping-Pong balls. It’s easy: drill a ball-point pen with a stylus, and then insert the bulbs one by one into the holes in the balls. Secure with hot glue so they do not escape. You can use it both on the wall and on the table.

Separate a red, green, white or gold frame. Hang on the back and top the Christmasballs with satin ribbons. Intercall each with different heights. Glue a big bow on the top of the frame. Ready! 


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