3 Ways to Add a Modern Twist to a Traditional Kitchen Décor

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Are you planning your new home interior? If yes, then surely this is the most exciting time for you. Definitely, you are thinking of creating an amazing visual appeal with your interior décor. By choosing the themes that perfectly suits your taste as well as your lifestyle, this is the key to make your décor work. But when you are deciding a theme, you can also give a personal touch to it by incorporating some of your own choices. If you are designing the interior of your kitchen, you can do the same thing with the décor too. To create a classy sophisticated appeal with kitchen décor, generally, people choose the traditional theme. However, if you want to be a bit creative and break the monotony with something unique, then opt for a modern twist in your traditional kitchen décor. How? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Bring In Functionality

In a modern kitchen, the most prominent feature is the functionality. So, when you are planning to give your traditional kitchen a modern twist, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is bring in the smoothness of functionality. Frankly, when you are thinking of a traditional kitchen, the image that will come to your mind is a place with rich colors, hardwood setting, and bulky cabinetry. But, you can alter just one thing very easily to change the whole scheme. Instead of those bulky cabinets, opt for stunning RTA kitchen cabinets. Flexible, modern, functional, and capable to provide you with considerable storage space, these cabinets are the best option for giving your kitchen a twist of modern functionality.

Don’t Be Color shy

Traditional kitchen calls for rich colors or neutral hues to adorn the walls and cabinetry. However, if you are looking for a single factor to make some difference in the décor, then don’t be color shy. Throw a bit of colors here and there to make the kitchen look glamorous. If you are decking the kitchen up with cherry shaker style cabinets and want to break the symmetry of this rich color, then having a pop colored backsplash can work like wonder. Add a tinge of blue to the tiles of the backsplash and let it add a jazzy appeal to the whole kitchen decor.

Let There be Light

If you are thinking of depending only on natural lights or a thinking of glass lights as essential traditional charm, then hold on. Giving it a twist is also easy. Without getting a centrepiece for lights in the kitchen, it is better if you opt for a glass panel of light which will beautifully play with the rich hues that you will choose for the walls and the cabinets. If you are choosing darker shades for your kitchen, then go for lights in cabinets. The tiny lights will glow from the bottom or the inside of your cherry colored cabinets, making your kitchen look like a heaven on earth.

So, now as you know about these three ways of giving a twist to your traditional kitchen décor, what are you waiting for? Find a reputed team who will offer you interior design for the kitchen as well as cabinetry and accessories, and implement these ideas.

Author Bio: Sean Graham is a famous blogger and a designer of RTA kitchen cabinets. Here, he writes on how you can offer a modern twist to a traditional kitchen with shaker style cabinets, colors, and lights.


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